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When my mind wanders, this is where it goes. I offer no solutions. I ask questions and hypothesize. Welcome to my world

"Romantic love is the world’s greatest delusion. It’s a drug; which most of us shouldn’t be authorized to use without supervision"


"We all need to heal our separation from reality and our struggle with it. The whole world is in need of that.

So the greatest difficulties we face also offer the greatest opportunities to practice unconditional presence. What is especially helpful in this practice is recognizing again and again that our experience is not as solid as we think. Indeed, nothing is what we think it to be. Meditation helps us to recognize this by letting us notice and relate to the gaps or open spaces in our experience, from which genuine clarity and wisdom arise.

If we take this approach, our old wounds from the past can reveal hidden treasure. In the places where we have contracted and turned away from our experience we can begin to uncover genuine qualities of our being that have long been veiled. In the most painful corners of our experience something alive is always wanting to emerge. So whatever pain or problem we have, it helps us find a quality of presence - where we can open to it, see it, feel it, include it, and find the truth concealed in it - that is our healing.”

-John Welwood: Toward A Psychology of Awakening -

"Let us not be fooled into thinking that money, fame or fortune will eliminate our pain. Pain is an equal opportunity oppressor!"

-Iyanla Vanzant

"Of all the things that I hold dear. All the joys bestowed upon us here. The possible death of spirit ranks as my ultimate fear."



Say I were an investor who came up to you with unlimited resources and asked you what you were worth. What would you say? Would it be a dollar amount, or a stock equivalent? I was thinking about that today and I couldn’t come up with a succinct answer.

I mean, what is our worth really? Is it based on the value of our clothes, homes, cars? Perhaps on our titles and job descriptions? Or could it all be about the people who we’d like to love us, most of which are incapable and unwilling to give what they do not have? Think about it.

What exactly would a quote on your worth be based on? In my industry we get calls all the time asking us for a quotation for our services on a given project.  Sometimes they call you back to negotiate, but most times they just give the job to the person with the lowest quote. Sucks when that happens because I’m always left there wondering why the client couldn’t have considered my ‘worth’ as it pertains to my competence and value of services.

But in light of recent events, I’ve been led to believe that my thinking is entirely flawed when it comes to my worth. It’s a lesson I’ve been learning recurrently and I don’t know if I’ll ever master it fully. What I do know however, is that our innate sense of self has a lot to do with many of our problems.

Without a strong sense of who we are as individuals, we instantly run to the next best source of security, which are all the material and fleeting things I mentioned earlier. Without the job, spouse, or dream home, we feel as if we do not exist. As if we are mere shells of who we are supposed to be. But who are you without those things? Are you kind? Giving? Talented? Content? Are you here for any other reason other than to accumulate property?

This morning I was at my desk reading about the tragic death of actor and comedian Robin Williams as I contemplated all of this. I sighed as I read of his battle with depression, of his attempts to fight off the demons many of us battle with our entire lives. It all led me to wonder what the bottom-line really is in all of this. I mean, if an internationally renowned celebrity who brought joy to so many people’s lives could abruptly call it quits, what makes the rest of us think we’re so awesome?

Which is when the word ‘worth’ re-entered my mind. And not just the idea of bogus self-confidence, but actual worth – when defined by the Oxford dictionary as ‘usefulness or importance, as to the world, to a person, or for a purpose’.

Now I’m no psychologist but lately life has been teaching me that perhaps if we can actually find and embrace that elusive center that exists within all of us, we might be able to weather the storms with a little more poise, and continued resolve.  

And since we’re on the subject of Cover Songs, had to sneak in one more before I call it a night.

Here is Madilyn Bailey singing one of my fave songs of the moment. Kiiiiinda love it.

Sia - Chandelier.

1, 2, 3…

Cover songs are the equivalent of my mother’s chicken soup to me. Like that happy place I go to when solid foods just feel like too much of an adult commitment to even bother. Nutrition for the soul, if you will (Which explains why I’m always posting so many cover songs on here from time to time).

But speaking of things I love, Drake’s song ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ is such a fave of mine that I actually have a “Top 5 Hold On We’re Going Home Covers” list. Seriously. I won’t bore you with all of them but I happened to be listening to my number 3 song on that list today and I was so moved I had to post it here.

This composition is so different from all the other covers I love of this song and today I realized there are literally 4 notes that landed it on my list. Pia Mia does such a great job of personalizing the song which is exactly what makes a good cover in my opinion. It just feels like she’s spewing hot love and emotion all over this song (Get it? Ok I see you ;-).

Listen. Love.

Omg you guys! It’s totally official :-). To my dear friends who have been following my #SpokenRambling series, we’re finally coming to a stage near you. I’d love it if you can make it to #FatumasVoice this Saturday!!
Peace and love.

Omg you guys! It’s totally official :-). To my dear friends who have been following my #SpokenRambling series, we’re finally coming to a stage near you. I’d love it if you can make it to #FatumasVoice this Saturday!!

Peace and love.

"If you’re constantly worried about what others are doing around you, you’ll never be able to focus on what’s going on within you. Nurture your own life. Focus on your own truth and you’ll discover you have no time to sit around judging your competition"


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